IDruggable genome

NEWS: New Model Helps Predict Novel Uses for Current Drugs

A team of investigators has recently developed a quicker and less expensive method to determine which drugs currently on the market might be useful for treating other ailments.

EXCLUSIVE: The Druggable Genome Is No Castle in the Air

Find out how a consortium of diverse investigators built an imposing infrastructure dedicated to novel drug discovery and how they hope it will shape drug development.

Meghaan M. Ferreira , Ph.D.

PODCAST: The Druggable Genome in Stereo

Members of the IDG consortium sit down to discuss how the program has affected their research and their hopes for the druggable genome’s future.

VIDEO: Pharos - A Lighthouse for Navigating the Dark Genome

NCATS research scientist Rajarshi Guha Ph.D., takes us on a tour of the Pharos interface, which can help investigators prioritize understudied targets and identify new potential druggable prospects.

TECHNOLOGY: Searching the Druggable Genome

Explore some of the innovative technology that enables researchers to identify potential new targets for therapeutic intervention of disease.

NEWS: Alternative CRISPR Method Could Significantly Expand Druggable Targets

Newly developed “proxy-CRISPR” could help researchers overcome the limited targeting abilities of the original CRISPR enzyme.

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