IDruggable genome

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NEWS: Study Uncovers Mechanism of GPCR Signaling at the Trans-Golgi Network

New study data highlights how receptors for various drug therapies work inside cells.

NEWS: Development of Kinase Chemogenomic Set Reaches Milestone

This potent group of inhibitors is critical to understanding human disease and developing new therapies.

LITERATURE REVIEW: Moving the Druggable Needle

The use of an mRNA display technology and affinity-based selection is employed to find inhibitors to an enzyme of interest.

Doug Auld, Ph.D.

NEW PRODUCT: Water Soluble DREADD Agonist Launched

Potentially useful new tool for scientists studying G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathways.

VIDEO: Regulation of the Understudied Kinome

Gary Johnson, Ph.D., chair and professor in the department of pharmacology at UNC, whose laboratory is part of the IDG technology development group, discusses some of his current research.

NEWS: Whole Genome CRISPR Screening Gets Leg Up from Newly Developed Synthetic sgRNA Libraries

Modified synthetic single guide RNA libraries for arrayed whole human genome CRISPR screening are now available.

INFOGRAPHIC: Spotlight on How a Discovery Program Was Born

This infographic depicts how the IDG program is assembled and what each section's purpose is toward the overall goal of discovering new druggable targets.

NEWS: New Model Helps Predict Novel Uses for Current Drugs

A team of investigators has recently developed a quicker and less expensive method to determine which drugs currently on the market might be useful for treating other ailments.

EXCLUSIVE: The Druggable Genome Is No Castle in the Air

Find out how a consortium of diverse investigators built an imposing infrastructure dedicated to novel drug discovery and how they hope it will shape drug development.

Meghaan M. Ferreira , Ph.D.

PODCAST: The Druggable Genome in Stereo

Members of the IDG consortium sit down to discuss how the program has affected their research and their hopes for the druggable genome’s future.

Jeffrey S. Buguliskis , Ph.D.

VIDEO: Pharos - A Lighthouse for Navigating the Dark Genome

NCATS research scientist Rajarshi Guha Ph.D., takes us on a tour of the Pharos interface, which can help investigators prioritize understudied targets and identify new potential druggable prospects.

TECHNOLOGY: Searching the Druggable Genome

Explore some of the innovative technology that enables researchers to identify potential new targets for therapeutic intervention of disease.

NEWS: Alternative CRISPR Method Could Significantly Expand Druggable Targets

Newly developed “proxy-CRISPR” could help researchers overcome the limited targeting abilities of the original CRISPR enzyme.

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